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Jennifer Rhiannon Arnold

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  • I have been charged with agg battery with a weapon

    the weapon is a pool stick i was in a bar one night and this guy was talkin smack so i hit him on the chin with the pool stick he didn't go to the hospital just had a busted chin with a lil bit of blood..this will be my first felony charge i have ...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    You do NOT need to speak about this case in an online forum as it can be used against you. You should consider retaining an attorney to assist you in this matter. The earlier you get an attorney involved, the more time there is to attempt to work out the matter on your behalf. Once the State makes a charging desicion, it may be more difficult to reach your desired resolution. Unfortunately, the charge carries a high number of points on a scoresheet and can subject you to prison (not jail) time. You really should consult with an attorney who does criminal defense and have them assist you in this matter.

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