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Jay Roger Rooth

Jay Rooth’s Legal Guides

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  • Hiring an Attorney: Why People in Rural Areas Prefer Friend Referrals Over Internet Searches

    This may not be a shocking discovery as rural areas are known for having close-knit communities, but in an age where technology is the frontrunner of gathering information, one might be compelled to i

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  • What to Do When Charged with Domestic Violence

    When the police are called on a domestic related offense, someone is going to get arrested. Gone are the days of spending the night at a friends house or sleeping it off at a hotel. Many times victims do not want an arrest to be made or even to press charges. Police and prose...

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  • Nebbia Hold

    Nebbia Hold The Court may impose a Nebbia Hold as a requirement prior to the release of a Defendant from jail. A Nebbia hearing is named after the case involving U.S. v. Nebbia, 357 F.2d 303 (C.A.N.Y. 1966). Even though the Nebbia holds originated in the Federal Courts, the State...

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