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  • Awesome what else can I say

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dean

    After several back,shoulder and ankle surgeries I was told I needed to be on disability. I was referred to Mr Sprick, He sat down and explained step by step what I would need to do on my part and how things will take place.

    I was shocked that 9 times out of 10 when I called he would answer the phone, Other times someone would answer or get a recorded message. We all know that means a waste of time right? Wrong with Mr Sprick, He would call me back most times the same day and if not then by the very next morning.

    If you truly want or need a awesome attorney I would strongly recommend Mr Sprick.

    It did take my case almost 2 years to get approved and we had a court date set to go in front of the judge in September.. Not sure what took place but in June I was called from Mr Sprick telling me that the judge had approved my case and we would not need to go to court.

    I'm sure it has a lot to do with how he handles each case and everything he sends to the judge that makes it easy for the judge to rule on the case.

    Best part with Mr Sprick is when I first met him he informed me that he does not just take any case. If he feels you have a good case he will take it, but if he does not feel your case is strong enough he will not take it.

    I respected him so much for that as I knew then that he is loyal, honest.

    I know if you hire him you will be as happy as I was.. Good luck

  • An Excellent Social Security Disability Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Sprick was recommended to me for my Social Security Disability case by a family friend, who had won her case with him. Although I was less than 50 at the time, Mr. Sprick took my case, but made no promises. He advised me that my age would work against me, warned me of how difficult it can be to win with certain administrative law judges and in general took a realistic, no nonsense approach.
    I had been with a big local Legal firm, but the lawyer I had left the company, and they tried to replace him with a non attorney representative. From what I understand, many non attorney representatives do a fine job, but this company did not offer me a lawyer as an alternative replacement for the lawyer who had left. If you sign up with a law firm, you may want to confirm if you will be represented by an actual Attorney. All else being equal, for something this important, it felt good to go into my hearing with someone who specialized in this type of Law and is an actual Attorney.
    I had tired of speaking to different people at the big legal firm and not getting through to my Representative. Mr. Sprick answers his own phone, always. He is an experienced Attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability cases. He prepared me for the hearing by going over exactly what to expect during the hearing and worked hard in keeping my medical records updated and pertinent to the case.
    For the hearing itself, I was very nervous and upset to have to relive all I had been through with my medical case in front of the Judge. Mr. Sprick calmly and patiently led me through it, kept me on point and knew the right things to present to the judge. He made his points and summed it all up beautifully. In short, you could tell he knew what he was doing and I have little doubt that Mr. Sprick expertly did what was necessary to help me win my case.
    I cannot say enough about the job Mr. Sprick did for my family and I. If you are looking for a thorough, well prepared and professional Social Security Disability lawyer in the Orlando Florida area to help you navigate what is a long and difficult process, I would very highly recommend Mr. Sprick for your legal needs. RE, Orlando, FL


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Unfortunately, I became disabled in 2002 after several failures with Social Security he was recommended to me he is a good listener was open and honest . I was 42 at the time he said it would be an uphill battle he worked tirelessly and we won in 2004