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  • How do "I" type up a Proposed Order for the judge to sign @ my hearing?

    I filed a Motion for "Early Termination of Probation" at the Clerk of the Court in Orange County, Orlando Florida...

    Andrew’s Answer

    If the judge wants to rule on your motion, he/she will prepare their own order. In the case where the judge wants to see you and hear your reasons for early termination, he/she will set a hearing and will have the clerk prepare an order for execution. If you have filed your motion and the judge's assistant has contacted you and asked for a proposed order before the judge will take action on your motion, then follow the advice of the other responding attorneys.

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  • I am facing a Damage property charge what are my options?

    december 2010 while i was 3months pregnant with twins ( ended up having a miscarrage shortly after) my ex and i got into a argument, during the argument my ex got physical, then he left, after he left i smashed his windsheild on his car and used m...

    Andrew’s Answer

    This warrant will remain active until it is quashed by the court, you turn yourself in, or you are arrested on it. As a misdemeanor warrant (if it is a misdemeanor and not a felony) you will not likely face arrest if you are no longer in Florida. As you say, the best policy is to turn yourself in and address the accusation. The warrant will have a bail amount already set and you should line up payment or a bondsman who can post it for you. It may be that your ex no longer wishes to prosecute, or cannot be located. Unfortunately, criminal mischief is not a valid defense to domestic violence, but it may still be relevant when talking to a prosecutor. Feel free to call my office to schedule a consultation

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  • Is my situation grounds for harassment/stalking by my ex-husband, and if so, what avenue do I use to pursue charges?

    After my ex-husband moved farther than the florida statute allows with our son, I went to court last February to attempt bringing my son back to me, and was successful. The courts informed the father that he would now be responsible for picking up...

    Andrew’s Answer

    What you describe sounds familiar in post judgement divorce cases involving children. He has followed the law (and your request) to be closer to his son. He sounds as though he is being unpleasant, but his behavior doesn't appear to be illegal or threatening. Of course you can relocate from your apartment, and he can file anything he likes, although the Court doesn't have to give him the relief he seeks. Hopefully he will get tired of this childish behavior and you both can work on parenting your son together. Good Luck.

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  • My son was arrested for bugulary of an unoccupied dwelling and grand theft 2-300 dollars

    he spent 60 days in jail, He has a substance abuse problem, this was a friend of ours where i was living and my daughter also lived there for a short time, my son returned from college and he lived there a short time, the friend called police afte...

    Andrew’s Answer

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    Although your inquiry contains a lot of facts, several crucial to answering your questions are missing. How old is your son? What is his prior criminal record? What evidence do the police have that your son committed any crime?

    You should contact an experienced attorney to discuss strategies to defend these charges who can also discuss with you the likely outcome.

    Feel free to call my office for a free consultation.

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  • About the new charge before going to vop judge

    what should he plea on driving while lisence suspended before he goes to hiss vop judge

    Andrew’s Answer

    Depending upon what he was on probation for, any new law violation (crime) may act to violate his probation. Entering a plea to the new DWLSR charge will definitely result in violating his probation, Alternatively, dismissal of the DWLSR or reduction of the charge to a civil infraction may persuade the probation judge or the state to dismiss the violation or reinstate him to his probation.

    He should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before resolving either.

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  • What happens if I am out of town for business and my wife changes the locks on our home? Should I break into my own home?

    Married 23 years

    Andrew’s Answer

    Your question can be restated whether you "can" break into your home, or whether you "should" do so. It is correct that the home is yours and you are entitled to access and use of the home. Your rights are equal to those of your wife.

    By virtue of the fact that your wife of 23 years has taken this drastic step, it indicates her strong feeling that you not return. Upon your attempt to regain entry, she may contact the police or seek an injunction, either of which may exacerbate the problem.

    I suggest that you attempt to speak with her about her motives and intentions in locking you out of the house. Inquire of her whether she wants to divorce or is willing to work through the problems. Should she be unwilling to talk with you, find out if she has consulted with a lawyer and if you, or your lawyer can talk to him/her.

    Once you have some answers to these questions, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney in your area who can help to develop a strategy toward working this out.

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  • Hello sir, if I was busted for Anabolic steroids and 200 t3 thyroid pills.I live in orlando fl & wander how long pre trial last

    I'm 30yrs old, never been in trouble. U think they'll test me for roids or just recreational drugs

    Andrew’s Answer

    You will need the advice of an experienced criminal trial attorney. Your lack of criminal history is a plus. A review of the circumstances surrounding the search and seizure of the drugs is very important.

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  • What is the time frame in Florida for a speedy trial involving a Misdemeanor DUI charge with property damage?

    Example: January 1: DUI occurs and notice of arraignment set for February 1 February 1: Arraignment occurs with charges nolle prosse March 1: Received notice of a second arraignment for April 3 with same charges as the first one So, does the...

    Andrew’s Answer

    The state has 90 to bring you to trial. They must also file charges within that time. Failure to charge within 90 days entitles you to file a motion to discharge. Also, filing of a nolle proseque probably precludes the state from bringing the charge at all.

    I would not waive speedy trial. I would file a motion to dismiss and/or discharge and have the judge determine whether the state can proceed.

    You should have a lawyer help you through this complicated case. Be sure that the lawyer you choose has experience in handling these kinds of cases.

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  • I wander if they will dissmis the case

    i felt fear at 3 am n i chase some one out of my property my house n i got charge with assault with a deadly weapon i wonder if i need to hire a attorney o go with a assign one from the court and what can happen at court they will drop the case be...

    Andrew’s Answer

    All criminal defendants are entitled to be presumed innocent until the state proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was committed and the individual charged is the guilty one.

    You should acquire the best legal representation that you can afford because you have so much at stake. If you cannot afford a privately retained lawyer, make sure that you work with your court appointed one to explore all available defenses.

    If you can afford to hire a private lawyer, please feel free to call my office to schedule a free consultation.

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  • I have been charged with 3rd degree grand theft. I have no previous convictions. What will most likely be my sentence.

    The amount I am charged with taKING IS $2400. iT WAS FROM MY PLACE OF EMPLOYEMENT, I did fake returns for cash and a few pair of jeans. I have never been arrested before and I am nervous about getting a jail sentence. I want to pay every cent back...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Grand Theft of greater than $300 is a third degree felony. The criminal punishment code weighs theft charges less severely than violent crimes, so probation is likely. Unfortunately, judges and prosecutors treat employee theft more seriously than other similar theft crimes. Restitution is key, so it would be most helpful if you can pay back the money you took.

    You should contact an experienced attorney to help you with this.

    Feel free to call my office to schedule a free consultation.

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