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Mark Nickolas Longwell

Mark Longwell’s Legal Guides

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  • The Statute of Limitations in Florida

    In Florida, there are time limitationsfor when a person may be prosecuted for an alleged crime. Thesetime limitations are established in chapter 775.15, Florida Statutes. This is commonly referred to as the Statute of Limitations. Generally, the most serious felonies, such as mu...

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  • Tips on How to Hire a Lawyer

    Many people assume that all lawyers are equally qualified to handle their case. In their minds, the decision on which lawyer to hire comes down to finding the one that offers the lowest fee. However, just because someone is a lawyer, doesnt mean that they are the right lawyer for...

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  • DUI and Administrative Suspensions

    If you are charged with a DUI and have a breath test of .08 or higher, your driver license is automatically suspended for a period of 6 months. If you refuse to take the test, you lose your license for 1 year. This suspension isimposed bythe Florida DHSMV, and is known as an Admi...

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  • How Florida's Stand Your Ground Law Works

    When a person in Florida uses unlawful force against another, they are usually charged with a crime such as Assault, Aggravated Assault, Battery, Aggravated Battery, or even Murder. However, it is a defense to such a charge if the person accused of using unlawful force acted in s...

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  • What If They Didn't "Read You Your Rights"?

    "Your rights" are what are commonly known as Miranda Warnings, named aftera supreme court case, Miranda v. Arizona. If a person is in custody and interrogatedNBC or on behalf of law enforcement, this is known as a custodialinterrogation. Custody is many things, but is obviously w...

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  • Why You Should Hire an Attorney in a Criminal Case

    Many people facing a criminal charge seek advice on how to avoid jail or minimize consequences. It is often the case that there is much at stake professionally and personally. The best advice I can give in such case is to tell them to hire an attorney. What can an attorney do for you?

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