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Jon H. Gutmacher

Jon Gutmacher’s Legal Guides

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  • If the police ask you if they can search

    How to say "no" Just saying "no" to a police officer is likely not going to go over well -- so you need to know how to say it. I advise you say something to the effect of: "Officer, I can't give y

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  • What to do when the police arrive after a self defense situation

    Calling 911 If you are faced with a potential self defense situation where you have time to call 911 before acting -- it is vital to do so. This establishes you as the "victim", and will hopefully

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  • How to legally carry a firearm or weapon in a vehicle in Florida without a CWP

    A little background on what not to do In Florida it's a felony to have a firearm in a vehicle unless it meets the statutory definition of "securely encased" -- or you have a CWP (concealed weapons pe

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  • Aggravated Assault in Florida

    About the crime of aggravated assault A misdemeanor assault is an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act, to do violence to another person coupled with the apparent ability to do so, and the doi

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  • Warning Shots -- a hidden danger to those using self defense

    Things to consider before firing a warning shot A warning shot is the use of "deadly force" in Florida, and "deadly force" can only be legally used to stop or prevent the imminent commission of a "f

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