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Gray Richard Proctor

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  • Won my appeal!!!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Mr Proctor on my life sentence appeal and he won,now I am a free man thanks to him,he was the only attorney that came to see me without charging me,we talk for a long time he seemed very professional and knowledgeable he is worth every penny,I owe him my freedom today.

    Hired attorney
  • Expungement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Parris

    I found Gray in an online search. I called to get him right in the phone and I was happy that he was available to answer my questions and assist me at no charge I'm grateful and if I need any service I'd definitely consider this young man for my service he was pleasurable and very professional.

    Gray Richard Proctor’s response: “I was glad to make time for this client, who was trying to put her life back together with an expungement of her criminal record and very motivated to understand. Please note that I cannot always make time to give advice or free consultations.”
  • I highly recommend Gray Proctor

    5.0 stars

    Posted by marcyromero71

    This is a long story.
    Our family contacted Gray after our 19-year-old son was convicted of burglary. Because our son had been tried as an adult at age 14, the judge had no choice in the matter - if the prosecutor requested a 15-year minimum mandatory, the judge had to give it. We went to several attorneys who said there was nothing to do because the priors were so old, but Gray was the first to explain that Dorian's youth might give us a way around the statute of limitations. Gray reviewed the case for a reasonable fee, and then informed us that there were violations in the way the prior convictions were transferred out of juvenile court. He also showed us that our son should have gotten early probation through the basic training/shock incarceration program! He explained the procedural problems we'd face because the conviction was so old, and proposed a strategy to get to the merits of the claim.
    We decided it was worth it to challenge the prior convictions despite the risks of never being heard on the merits. After the judge dismissed the motions without a hearing on procedural grounds as we'd feared, Gray really went to bat on the appeal. He circulated a draft of his brief and convinced the juvenile law center in Philadelphia to write a "friend of the court" brief because of the constitutional and technical issues involved. The amicus brief was joined by the CFACDL and several other statewide organizations. That's how we know Gray was right when he told us there was an important issue in our son's case. We really believe Gray did top-notch work for our son, far more than any other attorney we've ever dealt with before him. He also kept my ex-husband and I in the loop and always took the time to make sure that we understood what was going on, what he was doing, and why. He also helped us with a few issues we did not hire him for, such as getting medical care for our son and keeping in touch with him when he was in confinement and could not communicate with us. I would recommend him to anyone fighting their conviction who wants a no BS lawyer who does great work at a fair rate.

  • Great Legal Advice

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Lamar

    I called him and he gave me free legal advice for preparing my brief. He also called me back with guidance and pertinent info to include.

    Gray Richard Proctor’s response: “I do not generally offer free consultations on specific legal issues; however, if I have time on a given day I may do so.”
  • One of the Good Guys

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike B

    I recently spoke with Gray in regards to helping to file a post conviction appeal. Let me say this, Gray is an honest man, and not eager to manipulate a situation just to make money. With that being said he also spoke with upon reviewing a 3.850 that was already written. To sum it up he made some recommendations and offered options in regards to to his service and others. He clearly is about helping people, and he happens to make a living doing so. I have sought consultation from several attorneys. I spoke with Brownstone partner Robert Sirianni, and they were difficult to deal with, and upon asking questions as to what he was going to do to earn my 12K he sent out a notification that thanked me for my considering them. Other Lawyers quoted me thousands of dollars, with no regard to work. Gray is definitely a good knowledgeable, sharp, charismatic, and caring lawyer. I have had bad experiences in the past with attorneys, and never thought I would use the above adjectives to describe lawyer. He is the exception and a good guy. I definitely recommend working with him.

    Gray Richard Proctor’s response: “Although I welcome the positive review, I do not feel it appropriate to disparage another attorney on my profile. I would remove this review if it were in my power to do so. I have no experience at all with the above-named attorney.”
  • Good on paper - in the good way

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My son wanted me to post this since he can't:

    I have seen more postconviction appeals in DOC from jailhouse lawyers and other inmates attys then I can remember. Just reading Mr. Proctor's work you can tell he's a cut above almost all the rest (I sent my son some samples from his web site before he did my son's appeal). It might be years before I know whether we won or not because it takes so d*** long to get a ruling but lets face it, once you go to DOC you can't expect win an appeal. Win or lose I know quality when I see it.

  • so far, very good

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Caring Consumer

    In four months, Gray has been helpful and responsive. He returns emails quickly and tries hard to answer all my questions clearly.
    Not sure about the trash post re: phone calls. I have had no such glitch. Glad I hired Gray for my case, which is complicated and involves parties in several states.
    There's a lot at stake in my case, personally and professionally. To date Gray has given me no reason to doubt his judgment, and I trust him and rely on him.
    If you can't overcome a minor phone glitch, email. Sheesh.
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  • Absolutely the most unprofessional attorney

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Absolutely the most unprofessional attorney I have ever met - failed to attend a meeting he scheduled, no voice mail, claims he did not receive any faxes that my program say were received. He does not meet the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys.

    Gray Richard Proctor’s response: “I'm not sure who this person is (I am certain it is not a current client or former client), but as of 12 hours after this review was submitted I have no unanswered faxes or pending appointments. The voice mail on my work cell was unfortunately full from sometime Monday afternoon until late afternoon Tuesday. Due to the nature of my practice (civil rights and criminal law) I turn have to turn down many clients who want representation for free or on a contingency basis - this sounds like a disgruntled potential client, and again - is not an actual client. I also note that this person has worked with more than 10 other attorneys on this matter - that to me is a sign that a person is unreasonable and difficult to work with. Please look at my qualifications and don't put too much faith in this person with whom I do not have any attorney-client relationship. I have some direct competitors here in town who have a reputation for playing games on the internet to help their online presence, that's another possibility. This is not representative of how I treat my clients.”
  • Former Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandy

    While seeking a lawyer for Postconviction Relief I have complete faith this is the Attorney that you want.