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State v. E.B.

Case Conclusion Date: 02.08.2010

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: 4th Offense Felony DUI Reduced

Description: TILDEN LAW was recently hired by a client charged in Seminole County, Florida with a 4th offense DUI. Additionally, our client was facing charges of refusal to submit to a breath test and driving on a suspended license. Our According to the police report, our client was driving his vehicle recklessly, failing to maintain a single lane and entering a intersection at a red light causing oncoming cars to swerve to keep from hitting our client’s car. Our client was facing a lifetime driver license revocation if convicted along with mandatory jail. Prior to trial, our office filed pre trial motions and conducted depositions. During the depositions, plea negotiations were conducted with the State Attorney. We were able to present several mitigating factors to the State including independent counseling. We were able to resolve our client’s case at the trial date with a dismissal of the Felony DUI and a plea to the lesser included misdemeanor reckless driving. As a result, our client was not sentenced to jail/prison and avoided the DUI lifetime driver license revocation

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