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Nelson Fleetwood Tilden

Nelson Tilden’s Legal Guides

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  • Felony Drug Court Admission

    Enter a Plea of Not Guilty By entering a plea of not guilty at your Arraignment, you will automatically trigger a subsequent court date. It is at this stage of your prosecution that you can request

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  • What happens after I am booked into jail

    The Arrest and Booking Once a person is arrested, they are taken to the county jail in the county of arrest and turned over the a corrections officer for booking. During booking, biographical inform

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  • Criminal Court Appearances

    Initial Appearance After an arrest, you will be seen by a neutral judge within 24 hours who will provide you with the information relating to the charge(s), whether ther exists probable cause for you

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  • How to Apply for a Formal Review Hearing and get a Temporary License

    Make Copies of all Paperwork As with most things, keeping proper records and making copies is vital. It is a easy way to both be prepared and to avoid mistakes or omissions. Apply for a Hearing At t

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