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Brett Miles Bressler

About Brett Bressler

About me

I am proud to say, we are not an T.V. advertising firm.  Our clients come to us by referrals from current and former clients, other lawyers, doctors, our friends in the community, and people who know of us by reputation.  We are very proud of reputation for responsiveness to our clients and our genuine interest in the welfare of our clients.  Being a non advertising firm means that we have more time to dedicate to our clients’ cases, and I think it is for this reason we have a higher level of client satisfaction compared to the experience of clients at an advertising firm.


I have been continuously practicing law in Florida since 1990 when I started my career as a prosecutor for Janet Reno in Miami. A prosecutor has the highest ethical responsibility of any practice in law, and I admire prosecutors and enjoyed this part of my career. After working as a prosecutor for a few years, I transitioned into private practice, representing victims in civil claims for injury and wrongful death. I have tried cases involving serious injury and death, claims against insurance companies, and represented hundreds of individuals and various civil claims.

In the past ten years, my practice has grown to include two unique sub specialties within my civil practice, hospital lien litigation and automotive diminished value claims. I am known within Florida as a resource for help to attorneys and individuals grappling with hospitals’ aggressive tactics of attaching hospital liens against the settlement of a patient. This is a slowly evolving area of law in which clear answers are rare, and collaboration among lawyers is essential for civil practitioners.

Diminished value claims are gaining in popularity due to increased consumer awareness of the ability to seek compensation for diminution in value to an automobile, motorcycle, RV, bus, or any valuable car owned by an individual or corporation. Most lawyers seem disinterested in this area of law, but I thoroughly enjoy handling this area of practice. I have found that the owners of expensive cars and motorcycles who retain me in diminished value claims seem to be some of the most satisfied and grateful clients, and this is a great feeling for me as a lawyer.

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