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Trevor Keith Brewer

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  • I went to a kitchen show, signed a non-cancel able agreement, only paid a deposit. They will not cancel it. Can I get out of it

    I have not received any products.

    Trevor’s Answer

    Technically no, but you hopefully you don't lose more than the deposit.

    Sometimes a signed written agreement is not enforceable, but this usually is not the case. Even boilerplate contracts are enforceable, and the person signing it is deemed to have read and understood it. If the agreement you signed says that you are obligated to buy the products, then you could be forced to honor the agreement.

    However, it costs money to enforce a contract. Chances are that the seller doesn't want to spend the money to sue you in order to make you buy the products. Particularly if you refuse to accept delivery of the products (which you should do), then the seller's damages are minimal--not much more than the deposit.

    Technically, the agreement may be enforceable (depending on its terms and the circumstances), but its most likely that the seller will keep your deposit and that will be the end of it. The seller will have to sue you to get anything more, at which point you'll need to hire an attorney.

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