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Taras S. Rudnitsky

About Taras Rudnitsky

About me

Taras Rudnitsky's unique background as an automotive safety engineer, expert witness and consumer justice attorney provides invaluable insight for consumers in cases throughout Florida and the United States. He has been a featured speaker before consumer justice attorneys, governmental investigators, and corporate executives.  He has also been interviewed by several television station and newspaper reporters regarding consumer justice issues.


This commitment to consumer justice is not new – in fact, it started before Taras even graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.  As part of the Law School’s Clinical Law program, Taras represented consumers in cases ranging from landlord/tenant to employment discrimination.  At the time, he was the only student to then earn a position in the Advanced Clinical Law program and focus on seeking justice for consumers.  Since first opening his law office in 1998, Taras has limited his practice to representing consumers, often against large and wealthy corporations.  He exclusively represents consumers against car companies, dealers, debt collectors, credit card companies, debt buyers, shady home improvement contractors, and numerous others who attempt to victimize consumers.


Taras also firmly believes all attorneys should contribute to their community. During the past few years, the Florida Supreme Court and the Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society recognized his contributions to the public for pro bono legal services.  Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida also awarded Taras the Seminole County Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award for 2012.

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