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Sarah R Goldman

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  • My doctor sexually touch me and and said very in appropriate things to me on many occasions. Do I stand a chance in court?

    On at least 4 occasions my doctor touch me very innapropretly. He's said VERY in appropriate things to me and my sister. On the last 2 times I saw him he actually put his hands down my pants. He could clearly tell i was uncomfortable. He even uses...

    Sarah’s Answer

    You should definitely contact a Florida Personal Injury attorney.

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  • What do I do if the other person's insurance company keeps contacting me and I'm not done with treatments?

    I was involved in a 3 way car wreck 3 months ago. The person who hit me from behind recieved a ticket and is partially responsible for the accident. Their insurance company contacted me and asked for a statement, which I gave, and I was told they ...

    Sarah’s Answer

    You should consult with a personal injury attorney. I would advise against speaking with them or signing anything from the other person's insurance company until you speak with an attorney. Typically, in cases like this, a person that is represented will get a better settlement than someone who does not have an attorney.

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  • Car Accident

    I was rear ended by a guy with no insurance. He originally provided his moms insurance which was false. The insurance company said they couldn't do anything cause the mom and son lied about having insurance wouldn't cover it cause I di...

    Sarah’s Answer

    I would contact a local personal injury attorney to investigate whether coverage should be extended to the individual who hit you for injuries and property damage you may have incurred. Generally, if an individual makes a material misrepresentation on their insurance application an insurer can void the coverage and refund amounts previously paid. However, for it to be material it must affect the premium the person would have paid (such as the failure to disclose a household resident over 16 - this affects the premium as an insurer would increase it's premium if it had known about the individual).

    If insurance was properly denied and there are no other potential tortfeasors and no UM, there will be no one to collect from. This highlights the importance of carrying UM insurance as drivers on our roadways are driving in increasing numbers with no insurance or inadequate insurance.

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