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Tanner Andrews

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  • Wonderful Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pearl

    Tanner has been there during my foreclosure process. He was very affordable compared to other Attorneys I talked with. I had started doing the foreclosure process my self not knowing any thing about the law. When checking with all the laws it was confusing and hard but I decided that if I paid an Attorney to do this and all they would do was to charge me for them losing then I would just try to do it my self. Some one referred me to Tanner Andrews and as I sat in his office I found him very easy to talk with and easy to understand. I hired him with a 500 dollar retainer fee. He has been so curtious and understanding. He understands not every one has the money to hire an expensive Attorney. Not all expensive Attorneys are good ones. Mr. Andrews is fair and he will fight for what you believe in. I would refer him to every one.
    Thank You
    Mr. Tanner Andrew for every thing you have done for me and my family.

    Hired attorney
  • Great service for the price. He won my realestate case.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    On a home purchase that went sour, the seller refused to refund our purchase deposit so we could buy another home. We moved into the sellers/our new house when we gave him the purchase deposit and signed the purchase contract. The PC stated what the seller agreed to do before closing.

    The seller would not do what he agreed to so we refused to close. We asked for our deposit back so we could buy another home and move out of the one we would no longer buy.
    The seller refused to give us back our deposit so we refused to move and refused to pay his demand for rent money. The seller took us to court in an attempt to evict us while keeping our purchase deposit of thousands of dollars.

    We called around and Tanner Andrews was recommended to us, as we only had 3 days to respond to the eviction notice. We met with Tanner and showed him our purchase contract and deposit receipts.

    He said he would beat the eviction process and counter sue the seller at the same time to get our deposit back. That meant he had to file about 7 different motions with the court and only had 3 days to get them all in to the court. Tanner only charged us $300 retainer fee for starting the process. He was affordable, that was great.

    He succeeded. We got a trial date and were ready to take it to a jury trial. During this time the seller made many ridiculous offers all of which we refused. We wanted all our money back plus time to find and buy another home with.

    Tanner kept us well informed each step of the way. He was never hard to get a hold of. He sent me dozens of very brief emails notifying me of any change in the process, or new current offer. Some lawyers are so hard to get a hold of. But tanner was always easy to get a hold of.

    Tanner hoped we would settle so it wouldn't have to go all the way to trail. But since all the offers were ludicrous and we refused them all, Tanner hung in with us ready to go all the way to jury trail.
    During PRE jury selection day, Tanner showed the judge how ridiculous this trial was going to be since the trail would end up just being a great waste of the courts time. The judge saw it should be settled here and now to save court time. But the judge had to get the seller to agree as the judge could not yet force the seller to do anything.

    Based on the evidence Tanner showed the judge that we had for a jury trial, the judge began reprimanding the seller and pushing him to settle here and now, that the seller would gain nothing by continuing into a jury trial.

    Tanner convinced the judge to push the seller into settling our way and refunding all our deposit money. Or we could start jury selection now and the outcome would still be the same, but just greatly delayed with tons of time and court resource's wasted.

    It was fantastic. The judge hounded the seller until the seller agreed to a refund, plus letting us stay there long enough to find and buy another home before we had to move out (5 weeks). The seller agreed, the judge on the spot began writing up the terms of our settlement right then and there. We signed, the seller signed and then the judge signed making it all written in stone so the seller could not change his mind and waste any more of the courts time.

    Tanner is fantastic at legal and court paperwork. He did everything right for us so we got what we wanted. We are so glad we hired him. We felt lucky he could jump on our case with only 3 days notice the eviction deadline had to be met for him to file all his motions and counter suits.
    Tanners cost turned out to be a huge bargain for us. He saved us so much money & charged us so little, we couldn't be happier. That's why I write this review for him.

    He protected us very well.
    Tanner is a little operation compared to larger firms. We got very personalized service from him and loved it. He never made us feel insignificant like the big firms do to their customers.
    Thanks for the help Tanner.
    Chris & Sharon