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Cynthia Stump Swanson

Cynthia Swanson’s reviews

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  • caring attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Cynthia Swanson helped me through my divorce proceedings when my husband left me and I didn't see it coming -- I felt like a Mac truck hit me. I was in trauma and didn't know what to do. She picked up the legal side of things for me and worked with me to pay her back -- because I had nothing. It took be about 5 years to pay her back because I went on to graduate school. I even left the state, but I always kept in touch with her and made it my goal to pay back what I owed, no matter how long it took me. I graduated with my PhD from University of Alabama and I am now a tenured professor at a university. I thank Cynthia for taking a chance on me and working with me.

    Hired attorney
  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    I hired Cynthia to represent me in a child custody case. I wanted a lawyer who would take a balanced approach, and help me get what I wanted, without turning the case into a huge expensive lawsuit. Cynthia accomplished that just fine. She gave me an estimate of what it would take to bring the case to trial, which was a price I could live with. Her estimate turned out to be accurate - she didn't "lowball" me. There were times when I wanted Cynthia to file more motions, but she talked me out of it, even though she could have made more money by just doing what I wanted. When confronting the lawyers on the other side, she was firm and assertive without being belligerent. I recommend Cynthias as an attorney who will give you good advice, represent you in a professional manner, and keep your case from spinning out of control.

  • A caring and dependable lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    Cynthia Stump Swanson is a wonderful, caring, dependable lawyer. The firm was always on top of things by keeping me well informed. Cynthia would constantly give me hope and provide good advice. Her experience with custody and persistence made that hope become a true reality. I always felt well taken care of, but most importantly Cynthia always had my child's best interest at heart.

  • If you have a family law issue, Cynthia Swanson is the best. Don't hesitate.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Cynthia Swanson has represented me on a number of occasions, most recently this summer. She was actually recommended to me by another local attorney, but I was already familiar with her professional reputation in this area. She is widely recognized for her honesty, professionalism, integrity, and expertise. And I can tell you, for me, her advice was always calm, level-headed, and fair. Family law is one of the most difficult practices, I think, because it involves very sensitive issues, and cases can very easily blow up into vicious disputes. Cynthia knows this better than anyone, and as part of her practice, has become certified in cooperative divorce resolutions. She takes extremely emotional and painful situations, and gives excellent, straightforward guidance. She was ALWAYS responsive, timely, and she regularly kept me apprised of developments in my case. Trust her - she has never steered me wrong and I recommend her to anyone I know who needs family law advice.

  • Expensive, Nickel-Dimer, Non-Producer: Run Away!

    1.0 star

    Posted by JGW

    I hired CSS to help with problems getting visitation with my son. While she promised the moon, she never seemed to make any progress toward resolving the issue. She bills for everything! Send her an email asking for an update - she charges to read it. Call and leave a message - she charges for the receptionists time. Even though I provided her with extensive written notes, I received a phone call from her paralegal in Tallahassee and had to repeat everything over the phone to her - more charges billed for the duplicate effort in addition to her already billing for reading my notes. Rather than taking the matter to a family judge, she told me she was going to take it before the dependency court - WORST IDEA EVER! If you are a dad, dependency court is not the best venue for you.

    DOR issued a summons for a child support hearing and two working days before the hearing, she abruptly dropped my case.

    The end result of the four months she was retained by me was a loose leaf binder about my case which cost me about $3,000. She never got so far as to file anything with the court or even write a letter to my son's mother about the matter.

    What I tell those who ask about my experience with her is that I don't believe she is a positive advocate for fathers. For the rate she bills and the retainer she requires, I had expected her to proceed on my action in a timely manner. I was disappointed and all my new attorney got was a very expensive, looseleaf notebook. In addition to wasting $3k, she wasted 4 months of my time.

  • Custody

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lance

    Cynthia Swanson has provided outstanding representation for me in my custody suit for my daughter. She is exceptionally knowledgeable of the laws, local application and local personnel involved in these matters. Her office staff are exceptionally responsive.

    I was kept informed of the process at every step and always understood what was happening, the approach that was being taken and what my options were.

    For an extremely difficult time, Cythia made it for less painful

    I highly recommend Cynthia!!!!

  • Hague Convention case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a International Law client

    Cynthia Stump Swanson represented my daughter and myself in a case involving the Hague Convention. Ms. Swanson did an outstanding job of researching this law, and all the factors involved in defending our daughter against her husband who brought the suit against her for leaving him in Mexico with their 2 year old daughter. Ms. Swanson was fantastic in following up on the information we provided her concerning the history of the plaintiff and providing us with the facts as she uncovered them. She spent many hours talking with all potential witnesses, and the outcome was we won our case!