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Stephen George Cobb

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  • Phenominal lawyer and an outstanding man!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teralynn

    When my son was accused of a crime he did not commit, I wanted the best for his defense and Stephen Cobb is by far the best. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is the definition of a tiger in the courtroom. He was able to take my son from a VERY long prison sentence, that he didn't deserve, to probation. What should have been an open and shut case was drug out for almost 10 months and he never charged me more money. He also sent us to the Amen Clinic, and while I had my reservations about that, it turned out to be great. Things were discovered about my son that only brain imaging could find.
    Now, Miss Janice, she is wonderful and sweet woman with so much patience. My emails and calls always returned in a timely manner. She is by far the most sweet yet professional woman I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know.
    If we had to do this all over again, I would choose Stephen Cobb.
    Thank you so much Mr. Cobb and Miss Janice for your time and outstanding service to my son and for always believing in him. I could never thank you enough. To say that I am eternally grateful wouldn't define it.

    Hired attorney
    Stephen George Cobb’s response: “Thank you! Glad we were able to help you during this difficult time.”
  • Represented by Floridas Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Luke McCool

    If you have found yourself in an unfortunate legal situation, Stephen G. Cobb should be the only name on your list of potential attorneys for representation. His legal representaion was the highest caliber and beyond exceptional. He was knowledgeable and informative throughout the process and his courtroom presence could only be described as "a legal powerhouse." I was very impressed by his professionalism, standard of excellence, and courtroom presence. He was clearly well-respected and known by the court officials and expeditiously handled my case effectively. Not only did he achieve the dismissal that I was hopeful for, he made the process as simplistic as possible and went above and beyond to achieve the best possible results.

    If you would like the confidence and self-assurance that you have hired the Florida panhandles best/most effective attorney for your case, look no further, Stephen Cobb is the clear choice.

    Thank you Mr. Cobb for your hard work and dedication during my case. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Outstanding performance

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I could not have been more fortunate to have stumbled across Stephen Cobb's name when trying to find a lawyer for my misdemeanor case. He and his assistant Janice were extremely professional, honest, and sincere. Not to mention, it was very affordable and worth every penny spent. Both Stephen and Janice returned my calls promptly and thoroughly. The most comforting part was knowing that my case was in great hands and throughout the process I felt Stephen Cobb would be successful in getting the outcome I had hoped to achieve - and he did!

  • Very knowledgeable & professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I ended up in a bad set of circumstances because of a State Driver's License computer error. I am a CDL holder so protecting my license status and not having a criminal record is vital my ability to drive & earn an income. Mr. Cobb was EXTREMELY knowledgeable in traffic & criminal law and was able to come up with the best route to win the case. He represented me tenaciously against the State of Florida and the case was dismissed. I could not be any more thankful that I had the opportunity to be represented by Mr. Cobb.

    Stephen George Cobb’s response: “Thank you for your review. There are many types of careers such as yours - professional driver, military member, medical professionals, people with a security clearance and more - for whom a criminal record would be a disaster. Glad we could help and really appreciate how awesome you were to work with and for! Thank you, again.”
  • Professional and knowledgeable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Craig

    I was very fortunate to have rendered Mr. Cobbs service . Due to multiple DUI's I was facing a substantial amount of jail time. One of Mr Cobbs request is that I go to Amen clinic for Brian imaging.
    Not only was this a tremendous help for me it also was a major contributor in my jail sentences. I also would like to thank Janice for her hard work and constant communication over the few months. I highly recommend Mr. Cobb.

  • Supported by the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gene

    Mr. Cobb and Associates, my family and I want to express our gratitude for your dedication when it came to our son’s case. We had no knowledge of where to solicit local, Okaloosa County, trust worthy professional legal counsel. After reading through reviews we chose to place our faith in Mr. Cobb and Associates. Mr. Cobb the faith you placed in our son and your ability to demonstrate your faith in our son to the court was instrumental in the court-granting leniency.
    Mr. Cobb has expertise and wit. He has the respect of the Okaloosa County judicial system. He uses only the necessary facts needed to get the best results.
    Sincerest Appreciation
    Gene and Family

  • Review of Mr. Stephen Cobb

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    Mr. Cobb successfully resolved my case, prior to jury selection, through progressive negotiation with the Prosecuting Attorney. In the end, he provided the Prosecuting Attorney with a written statement that included the salient facts and sequence of the arrest, and a supported argument that the officer in fact had no grounds to arrest me, and therefore I could not be charged with resisting arrest.

    Mr. Cobb makes use of a comprehensive four day report, completed by the defendant, to determine the most effective course of action in winning a case. He also provides assistance to the defendant in the form of a self-help material list, and a dress code for court that has been proven to contribute to the outcome.

    Mr. Cobb is easy to talk to, and is careful not to belabor points before the judge, and swiftly moves forward. He is one of only a handful of certified Criminal Trial Attorneys in Pensacola - which is why I chose him, having never been in any sort of situation concerning the law, other than one speeding ticket, prior to this event. I would certainly recommend him.

  • Couldn't have found better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    I needed a lawyer 14 years ago for some trouble I'd gotten myself into with my drinking. I wanted to straighten out my legal issues, but also wanted to straighten out my life. That would demand I adopt a lifestyle based upon rigorous honesty. My wife and I picked Stephen Cobb to represent me, not only because of his stellar reputation as an attorney, but because of his principles, which has inspired me to remain true to my own.

  • Doesn't prepare

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Suzan

    Mr Cobb came unprepared! After investing my savings to help my son get probation dropped Mr Cobb really didn't know much! I spoke to his secretary Janice life saver trying to find out what was what upon showing up at the court room I still wasn't sure who Mr Cobb was. He disappeared to council with my son for 10 min had no clue my name or my son. This should have been a closed case. Son did everything court asked him to do paid all court cost drug court even had a letter signed by the Judge who had him in her session. All good. I feel Mr Cobb doesn't get along with State Attorneys either. Sorry Mr Cobb I feel you owe me some money back

    Stephen George Cobb’s response: “Part II (continued). I didn't know who you were & you didn't know who I am: true, I didn't know who you were until we were introduced at the courthouse after your flight from North Carolina. You were neither a witness nor a party to the action, so I absolutely prioritized meeting with your son (my client), last minute negotiations and the hearing itself. Rest assured I will continue this practice. Don't know why you didn't know me. You really can't miss me – I'm the guy on the website, the guy in the picture here on AVVO and the one in over 100 Youtube videos you can access from my website. Owe you some money back: No way. I voluntarily knocked a substantial portion off of the fee normally charged, it was more work than anticipated, and when the system wanted you to pony up money for your son's transport from the department of corrections, I'm the guy who told them you weren't paying a dime and that they could do their job according to the law. Also, you may recall we discussed the filing of another motion at the two thirds completion point, yet I advised against incurring further legal expense as unjustified instead of trying to “upsell” you additional legal services. It seems like the people who complain are almost always the one who get discounted fees like you did. This wasn't in your review, but you thanked me – repeatedly – after the hearing just outside of the courtroom. In front of my videographer. She was sitting on that long, wooden bench as we stood nearby and spoke. So, your online review surprised me given how complimentary you were immediately afterward at the courthouse. Another thing not in your review: neither you nor your partner were dressed appropriately for court. You had a copy of Dress Instructions for Court, it's also available on my website, and we discussed the importance of specific courtroom attire. One should never dress “nice” for court, one should always dress according to the best research for a specific locality, which is why it on my website and why we sent you a copy. Conclusion: You are unhappy because the judge ruled against your son, lawyers cannot guarantee outcomes in contested hearings, and you chose to blame me in an anonymous review to hurt my business – that's why you wrote an “anonymous” review. You're hurting inside, you have a son in state prison, and the judge denied the motion for legal relief. Ma'am, I'm sorry the judge ruled as he did. Judges do that. Paying a legal fee does not guarantee someone will get a particular result. That's how it is. Additionally, I would strongly advise against listening to non-lawyers (especially prison inmates claiming to be paralegals). They are not experienced courtroom lawyers although they appear to be pre-hearing experts and great Monday morning quarterbacks. Finally, you should know we all wish you and your family the best, and bear you no ill will at all. As you read this reply, you probably don't feel any better (and may feel much worse). But feeling bad isn't useful. Accordingly, you may wish to consider engaging in productive activity instead, and prepare for your son's release in July.”
  • Insightful, professional, and fastidious.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Myles

    My significant other actually started the process of hiring Mr. Cobb, so his office actually contacted me. Though I felt quite bewildered by my circumstances at the time, the attention to detail provided by Mr. Cobb himself, his staff, his website, and the subsequent information I gained from his recommended media helped me tremendously in a time of great doubt.
    Mr. Cobb's very good at what he does, and I was given that impression from the start. He and his staff helped return my girlfriend back home, my confidence, and my life back to normal. No more anxiety, trouble, or doubt. Just mental and emotional restitution. A special thank you to Ms. Janice for her kind nature and care. If you need legal advice, visit Mr. Cobb's website for information or contact him directly, I highly recommend it. A top level individual who can be summed up in one word: Professional.