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M. James "Jim" Jenkins

M. James "Jim" Jenkins’s reviews

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  • Top notch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DJ

    Jim handled a very difficult and complicated case with a level of professionalism, skill, and thoroughness that led to the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. He was my tireless advocate throughout what was a months-long ordeal for me and my family; he always returned my calls and took whatever time was needed for my case, leaving no stone unturned. I am so thankful that I had an attorney of Jim's caliber in my corner.

  • Endorsement of Jim Jenkins

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Howard

    Jim Jenkins represented my son in a criminal matter. To say that Jim did an outstanding job is an understatement. He was thorough in his preparation and extremely effective in his presentation of a defense. He was also empathetic and went out of his way to keep my son and his parents fully informed. Ultimately, Jim achieved a result that was far more favorable than we had anticipated. I recommend and endorse Jim Jenkins as strongly as I can.

  • Jim Jenkins Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Performed at the highest level for myself and my family in multiple cases arriving at the best possible solution efficiently and rapidly.

  • Outstanding knowledge, skill set, and so important - empathy and compassion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I got into some trouble and was scared and ovrwhelmed with what could happen. I researched a few "top" attorneys in the area, interviewed with them and without reservation, chose Jim. Not only is he very experienced and knows the law, he set very realistic expectations and took a genuine interest in me, my family and my future. Over the course of the legal process he "under promised and overdelivered" with thourough research, clear and regular communication, and outstanding knowledge of the law. The out come was as good, or better than it looked from the beginning. Long after the case he took my calls for questions and remained interested in me. I recommend Jim wthout reservation - he checks his ego at the door and invests in his client.

  • former client who is also a lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I interviewed Mr. Jenkins to represent me in a very serious crminal matter in federal court that ultimately resulted in a two month long criminal trial with four other co-defendants. I chose him because he took at great deal of time allowing me to explain my case and seemed to be very concerned that I was not being prosecuted fairly.

    Mr. Jenkins has obtained the highest ranking by Judges and other lawyers who are familiar with his work can obtained, an "AV rating." This rating is done without any input or even knowledge by the lawyer being rated by judges and other lawyers. An "AV" rating is considered "Preeminent" and means the lawyer has the "highest legal ability and ethical standards" a lawyer can obtain. I knew when I hired Mr. Jenkins that he had previously had an issue with alcohol and had been briefly suspended by the bar for an incident which he used to catapult himself into a much better place. He used the experience, in my opinion, to better himself as a person but to develop himself as a truly great trial lawyer. I am now well acquainted with him and know that he hasn't drank in more than ten years and has helped many people, including other lawyers, deal with their personal issues involving alcohol and/or drugs. Judges and other lawyers would not hold him in such high regard to suggest he is "Preeminent" in his field and bestow an AV rating upon him if they weren't convinced that he is one of the best true trial lawyers in Northwest Florida. As you know there are doctors and there are surgeons. Just like the medical field, there are trial lawyers and there are "true trial lawyers." Mr. Jenkins is true trial lawyer as compared to other trial lawyers like a surgeon is to other doctors. He has spent more time learning how to be the best true "trial lawyer" he can be than any lawyer in Pensacola. He also is a lawyer who listens to and care deeply about his clients. His methods for approaching a trial are distinct from any lawyer I have known and his successful track record is indicative that the methods he has spent 25 years learning work. Jim says he will never stop learning to be a better lawyer nor will he ever stop developing himself as a person. If Mr. Jenkins can take your case, you will see what he can do for you. His level of preparation is unparalled and his ability to communicate with others, especially juries, is truly extraordinary. I cannot recommend any other criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer more than Jim Jenkins. (By the way, because of Mr. Jenkins representation of the facts of my case, the two month long federal trial resulted in me being acquitted on all counts; I have been told that I am the only lawyer who has ever been acquitted in federal court in the Northern U.S.District Court of Florida).

  • client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alan

    Potential Client,
    If you're reading this, you may be in the very difficult position of having to secure legal representation for yourself. I do not envy you. I, myself was in the same position approximately a year ago. The road ahead of you is a very dangerous one. You will need the best help and guidance you can get. The first step may be the hardest, but please keep in mind that it also might mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Please read on carefully.

    When I was criminally charged, it was a very daunting task choosing the right attorney. After all, this person quite literally has your life in his hands. For me, this was the darkest time I had ever experienced, and now, I was facing the most important decision of my life. Who will defend me? How do I know which attorney will do the best job? Questions anyone in my position would have. Of course, I asked a lot of questions, did some research, talked with other attorneys and hired Jim Jenkins. Even if Perry Mason himself had been representing me, I would have had doubts. It's not until the attorney/client relationship is established and see your attorney in action that those fears and doubts are either abandoned or confirmed.

    The best way for you to understand what type of attorney, and more importantly, the kind of man Jim Jenkins is, I need to tell you a little of my story. I was falsely accused and charged with sexual molestation of my fifteen year old daughter. My former wife has been trying to obtain custody of my children from me for years. Before charges were officially filed, Mr. Jenkins conducted a thorough investigation and proactively engaged the investigators involved with my case. Unfortunately, the State decided to prosecute me.

    If you are ever unfortunate enough to go through what I did, you know that with these types of charges you are never really innocent until proven guilty. The implications that arise simply by being accused of sexual crimes of this nature require you to prove your innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Often in these types of cases, a child will recant their allegations and the prosecution will still persist with the case. Convictions can and do occur with no evidence other than the child's accusations. What followed with my case was nothing short of phenomenal.

    Mr. Jenkins launched an investigation that was so thorough and meticulous that he knew every fact and faucet of my ordeal, usually better than I did. His recall ability is unparalleled. His communication skills, both in and out of court, are exemplary. He was available to me at almost any hour of the day. He promptly and personally returned all of my phone calls and emails. What's more, he always made me feel as if mine was his only case. His results were incredible! All charges dismissed were dismissed! This occurred even though, from what I had been told, the prosecutor's office had two other similar cases pending where both alleged victims recanted their stories yet the state refused to drop the charges. My daughter never recanted her story yet Jim was able to show the prosecutor and her supervisors the real genesis of the case, my daughter's mother, and the huge number of inconsistencies which existed between all the different stories my daughter was pressured to tell. What hurts the most is the loss of the relationship with my daughter that I hope one day will be mended.

    How do you choose the right attorney? The proof is always in the results. How does anyone get good results? Good, old fashioned, hard work, dogged determination, the desire to succeed, and some people like to say - a little luck. As Jim Jenkins likes to say: if you have the first three elements, the last one usually comes along. Luck doesn't just happen, you make it. I think Jim spent more time preparing for depositions than many attorneys prepare for jury trials.

    Success rarely comes easily. When your very freedom is at stake, you need someone who will never quit, someone who knows the right thing to do. You need the best. Jim Jenkins is that man. I am not alon