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Lisa Ann Anderson

Lisa Anderson’s Answers

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  • Can you or should you send a letter to the DA if you know someone who is being charged with a crime, in support of that person?

    My husband is being charged with a crime that holds a maximum penalty of 7 years in jail. It is a ridiculous amount of time for what they are saying he did, and the witness is a known liar in our community. So I am wondering if it is appropriate...

    Lisa’s Answer

    It may be wise to check with your husband's attorney before sending any correspondence to a prosecutor. Most of the time, support letters can only help. In my practice, I usually have all letters written in support of my clients sent directly to me. On a rare occasion, I may choose not to pass a letter onto a prosecutor depending on the charge, the alleged victims, the politics involved with the prosecutor's office or the specific prosecutor---which is why I think its important for all letters to go through your husband's attorney. Once I have collected all the letters written, I will prepare a cover letter and highlight for the prosecutor the important points.

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  • Does doing community service mean you are on probation?

    A PD told me that if I get community service over having to pay fines for a petty theft charge then I would be put on probation and I would have to pay fines for being on probation. Is this true? Why would I be put on probation if I wasn't charged...

    Lisa’s Answer

    Probation is not limited to narcotic charges, it can be imposed by any judge for any crime. Probation is a punishment the court places on you after you have entered a guilty/no contest plea or have been found guilty at trial. Often times prosecutors ask for probation as a mechanism to ensure that their victims have been reimbursed for their loss. Only after a criminal case has been resolved does the obligation to perform community service hours kick in and only if the judge orders it. In some jurisdictions, prosecutors offer pre-trial diversion programs that can include community service hours. Circumstances differ greatly from county to county so you should consult an attorney who is familiar with the presiding judge and the assistant state attorney.

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