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Gretchen Kelley Brantley

Gretchen Brantley’s Legal Guides

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  • It's not fair! I got hammered and the other guy got off.

    Some misdemeanor crimes can be bumped up to a felony. There are certain misdemeanor crimes in Florida which can be aggravated if a person commits the same crime more than once. Say you and your frien

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  • What if I am late for court or miss a court date altogether?

    You've been served with a subpoena to appear, but you know you are unavailable on that day. Contact the party who served you right away! Don't be fooled into thinking that just because the judge didn

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  • Will a misdemeanor marijuana conviction prevent you from obtaining a gun license in GA? No!

    Why is there a misconception? Most people have heard that a drug conviction will prevent you from obtaining a license to carry a gun in Georgia. But, a careful reading of the statutes, makes this Geo

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  • I want to hunt in Florida with a gun, but I plead to a crime. Now what?

    You entered a plea to a nonviolent crime and you were not adjudicated guilty. First thing is first. It doesn't matter that you pled no contest. It only matters whether of not you were adjudicated or

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  • Is Florida's Racing on Highways Statute Constitutional or Not?

    Florida's DCA conflict Portions of s. 316.191, F.S.(racing on highways), were ruled unconstitutional in State v. Wells, 965 So.2d 834 (Fla. 4th DCA 2007); however, the ruling in Wells conflicts with

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  • You've been charged with a crime in Florida. Now what?

    Your first court appearance First Appearance is also called a probable cause hearing or 24 hour hearing. Usually within the first 24 hours of your arrest, you will appear before a judge or you may ap

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  • Choosing an Attorney is a decision worth your consideration and one that can effect the end result

    Consider whether your case is civil or criminal (CRIMINAL) Have you been charged with a crime? There are several types of crimes. Ordinance violations are usually prosecuted by the city or local muni

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