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Alan Smith

Alan Smith’s Legal Guides

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  • A Basic Overview of the Florida Residential Eviction Process

    Nothing in this guide is intended to replace a consultation with a qualified attorney. This is general information only, and no attorney-client relationship is established with any readers. Florida eviction law can vary widely across jurisdictions. This is because original juris...

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  • Finding and Paying For A (Good) Attorney, Part 2

    Continued from the previous entry. 1. Know the difference between FEES and COSTS, and who is responsible for each. FEES are funds paid to the attorney for his time, labor, skill, experience, etc. They are to compensate the attorney/s for his/her/their work on your case. Costs, on...

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  • Finding and Paying For A (Good) Attorney, Part 1

    First, no, the answer is not find me and pay me. I might be the best lawyer for you, or I might not. You need to first recognize that each case is different, and requires a different approach, and that's not just boilerplate. What is your type of case? Family, criminal, business,...

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  • Post-conviction relief in Florida, Part 1

    A guide to post-conviction remedies in the state of Florida

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  • Post-Conviction Relief in Florida, Part Two

    Covers remedies under Rule 3.850 of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure

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