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Susan Kyong-Lee Pai

Susan Pai’s Legal Guides

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  • Government Mail is NOT forwarded with a USPS Change of Address

    Failing to notify us and the government of a change of address can result in FATAL consequences from an immigration perspective. For example, you may be served a Notice to Appear on an erroneous removal matter and as long as the address it is mailed to is the address of record, a...

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  • Sponsorship of an Immigrant: Income vs. Assets

    It is possible to establish sufficient financial resources other than by income. The most common method to establish sufficient financial resources other than by income is by value of your assets... or the assets of the intending immigrant. When we pursue this as the avenue o...

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  • BAD Lawyers >:(

    Bad Lawyers or Pretend Lawyers I often hear nightmarish accounts about former immigration attorneys or those pretending to be immigration attorneys (report these to your state Attorney General); some

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  • Pricing Immigration Lawyers

    Flat Fee All the Way Anyone who has ever hired a family law attorney is going to be a vociferous advocate of flat fee pricing. Almost every single time, a flat fee arrangement is going to save you a

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  • 4 Golden Rules for Hiring an Immigration Attorney

    Run away from anyone who "guarantees" results It is unethical and inaccurate for an attorney to guarantee any results. If someone tells you they have a 100% success rate, make them put it in writing

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  • I-864 Affidavit of Support: Not Just Another Immigration Form

    Beginning and End of the Contract Contract begins when the alien becomes a permanent resident (not when the I-864 is signed). Contract ends if: *Alien becomes a U.S. Citizen *Alien can be credit

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  • Immigration Fraud: Just Don't Do It

    Test for Materiality The test of materiality is not whether the false statements in fact influenced immigration officials to grant a visa, but whether the false statement had a natural tendency to in

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