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State of Florida vs. Perry

Case Conclusion Date: 08.21.1998

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes

Outcome: Convicted

Description: Absent from the Jacksonville courtroom was the victim age 36, the defendant's girlfriend, who accused Perry of hitting her with a shovel. The victim could not be located after the incident by the State Attorney's Office. Prosecutors have pursued cases before in which the victim was reluctant or uncooperative. They've even tried murder cases without a body. But this was the first case in Jacksonville in which a felony domestic violence case went to trial without a living victim that could not be located. The case centers on the morning of Feb. 17. At 5:15 a.m., a police officer was flagged down on New Kings Road by someone who said a man was beating a woman. When the officer arrived at a home in the 3000 block of Old Kings Road, he heard arguing inside and a man yelling at a woman to shut up and get on the bed, police said. The man threatened to hit the woman and she began moaning, according to the police report. After the officer banged on the door, the woman answered it, appearing to be afraid. When the officer asked the man for identification, he ran south on Nelson Avenue. Perry was found in a wooded area and charged with aggravated battery, causing bodily injury during the commission of a felony and opposing a police officer. The victim, who had marks on her left arm and leg, was transported to a hospital by a rescue unit. She suffered a broken leg.

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