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Lewis Lee Lockett

Lewis Lockett’s Legal Guides

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  • Private Legal Clinics: Getting What You Pay For

    Are they really Lawyers? For the most part, no, they are not. When you see a big gawdy sign in the window touting "$99 Divorces", you can probably bet that you won't be receiving any legal advice or

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  • Dismiss My Case! Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Florida by Lee Lockett

    How Many "Degrees"? For life or capital felonies, there is no statute of limitations (hereafter, "SOL"). Thus, serious crimes such as murder can be commenced at any time. First degree felonies must b

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  • How To Assert Your Rights During A DUI Stop

    Don't Feel Compelled To Answer Questions First let me say this: DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK. This is the best piece of advice I can offer. However, also know that it is not against the law to drink and then d

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