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Darin C. Gardner

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  • Can I become residential parent if mother interferes with court ordered visitation? Or on what grounds could this happen?

    If mother stops child from coming with me numerous times, 2-4 times, is that enough grounds to request change of residency for child? or what would have to happen for me to be able to do that? when is it in the child's best interest? she doesn't t...

    Darin’s Answer

    I completely understand your situation because I myself am Jewish. If you have a parenting plan in your Final Judgment, was religion addressed? If not, maybe that might be an area worth addressing with the Court depending upon how it is affecting your child. Also, you state that the mother stops the child from coming with you on numerous occasions, what does your parenting plan say about what your court ordered time-sharing schedule is? If your parenting plan does not specifically address the times that you are requesting, then maybe you should seek a modification to specifically address the days you want. Additionally, does your court order address transportation of the child since you live out of State?

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