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Rose Marie Karadsheh Preddy

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  • What is a Waiver of Notice of Probate Will? How can a obtain access to my grandfather's will?

    My grandfather passed away 5 months ago and I have recently received a letter from an attorney asking me to sign a waiver of notice of probate will. I am unsure exactly what this form entails and have made numerous requests to the attorney on rec...

    Rose’s Answer

    If this matter involved a potential probate estate in Florida, then they are asking you to waive certain rights they are suggesting that you have. I would not suggest to anyone that they waive rights unless they are fully informed as to those rights. You may tell the attorney that you will not sign the waiver and that you do want notice and you do want all that you would be entitled to receive as an interested party. Whether you are an interested party is not clear to me without further information, but you can still tell him that.

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