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Steven Michael Fahlgren

Steven Fahlgren’s Legal Guides

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  • Car Buying Tips Part II - Financing

    For the rest of this guide, I am assuming that you have found a good car for a good price, had it checked out with a mechanic, asked the dealer about the prior use, condition and history of the car, particularly if it is a used car, and that you are ready to talk about financing....

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  • Car Buying Tips

    I am often asked by friends for some car buying tips. They know that I have been involved as an attorney in dozens of lawsuits involving car dealers, having represented car dealers for several years before leaving an insurance defense firm to form a consumer protection practice a...

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  • Read Before You Sign: Important Aspects about Contracts

    In the good old days, a man could be taken at is word and a handshake could seal a deal and thus, written contracts were often the exception rather than the rule. Today, handshake deals are the exception. Because contracts are more important than ever and often govern disputes, I...

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  • Misconceptions Regarding Bankruptcy

    I am often surprised how many misconceptions there are as far as bankruptcy is concerned. My paralegal and I have put together a list of common misconceptions regarding bankruptcy. 1. The debtor must be flat broke to file for bankruptcy. Wrong. With limited exceptions, the only r...

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  • Class Actions - A Primer

    I often hear people joke about class actions. They hear about some case where the consumer received coupons and the lawyers received millions. Although there are abuses, they are the exception rather than the rule. Class actions are designed for a group of people who are treated ...

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  • Fair Credit Reporting Act - A Consumer Successfully Sues to Stop Her Filed from Being Mixed

    On Friday, November 30, 2007, an Orlando jury entered a $2.9 million verdict against Equifax and in favor of Angela Williams after five days of testimony. The plaintiff was a consumer whose credit file had been mixed up with another person with a similar name and social security ...

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  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is designed to promote and establish accuracy as well as ensure the privacy of the information used in consumer reports. Your credit record may contain personal information such as your income, debts and credit payment history. Credit records ...

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