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Judith Erwin’s reviews

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  • Have mixed feelings about using this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Mrs. Erwin was appointed to us by the Courts to handle our Conflict we had goin on between us and my wifes ex . She was hired as a Parent Cordinator to try and resolve our ongoing issues we were having. Both parties signed the Contract which was bound by the courts and this was a last resort to resolve our issues . During the Initial consultation each party had to pay in Cash when you made your appointment and came and how ever much time you spent with her . Well we had been in to see her about a couple of times and then she ask to speak to my wife's son and we said yes that will be ok to talk with him about the situation where my wife's son was Emotionally Abused by her Ex 's Wife who's the Corrections Officer, by our third visit when Mrs. Erwin ask to speak with my wifes son found out my wife's exhusband and his wife , who by the way is a JSO Corrections Officer showed up late stayed for maybe 30 min on there 2nd appointment and Mrs Erwin ask them to speak with his son and he didn't answer her about it and then had to leave . So she calls us up and says I can't see you anymore because your exhusband left on his last appointment and said he was goin to pay me when they got home and give me his credit card information to pay . Well since they skipped out and never payed for there visit she was goin to have to withdrawal from being our parent Cordinator. We ask why are you withdrawing because of them not paying you , and it states in the papers we signed that if either party doesn't comply with the Parent Cordinator agreement then she is supposed to file a contempt with the courts / Judges office you are assigned to . Well she only sent us a letter of why she withdrew herself and never filed anything with the courts and tried numerous times to get them to pay her with failed attempts. This went on for over a year . It also states in the Parent Cordinator Agreement both parties had to sign that the Cordinator makes the decision of when to release either party from seeing her and has the Rights to speak with the minor child without getting either parties permission. We also had to report the Emotional Abuse to DCF and they came out back when it occurred, and the child was seeing a Licensed Therapist also . She was the one who discovered the child had been abused . So we had to hire another Family Law Attorney to assist us with matters that were still pending and he to was aware of all this too but did nothing to protect the rights of the child and filed nothing with the courts as he told my wife he would do . We later discovered that someone with DCF had contacted the Exhusband of the minor child and his wife and told them everything that was reported to them and who reported too . So this was all shared by my wife's exhusbands 3rd wife who found out he was cheating on her so she started telling my wife everything that was goin on . So why am I yelling you all this , because this is why they didn't want the minor child to be seen by Mrs. Erwin, because he would of told her about how the 3rd wife whos the Corrections Officer was emotionally abusing him and it would of all tied in with the Licensed Therapist who also spoke to the Parent Cordinator and our Family Law Attorney. So from what we gathered is , this all went down like this to protect the Image of the 3rd wife who's the Corrections Officer. We have written a letter to Mrs Erwin about what has transpired and that was July of last year and had no response back , and even tried to contact her . According to the Courts she's still Legally bound to us as the Parent Cordinator due to not properly releasing herself and we later found out she aloud the Exhusband to pay her what he owed . So that's showing Favoritism towards them by allowing them to finally come forward after over a year to supposley pay her. If she wanted to release herself then it should of properly been done and she was required to find us another Parent Cordinator to take over.

  • I highly rate her!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alice

    She returns phone calls within 24 hrs., brilliant, ethical, charges too little for her work, was unfailingly supportive.and trustworthy. In fact, my spouse told me he wishes he had hired her!! Family Law is full of extreme anxiety but Ms. Irwin did everything possible to lessen this. Honestly, I can't believe I was fortunate enough to find her.

  • Highly competant and Caring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    A friend raved about Ms. Erwin and he was correct. She is a credit to her profession and if more attorneys acted like her, well there would be no more lawyer jokes. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and fast. To watch her preform her skill, is to set a bar few lawyers could meet. Additionally, she returns phone calls the same day and if anything undercharges for her expertise. If you are facing a divorce, you will experience much less stress w/ Ms. Erwin.
    A Grateful Client

  • The Very Best Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I cannot recommend this lawyer high enough! I was very wary at first but the response and professionalism I received from her was exceptional. She always returned my calls immediatly and spent time over and above what I expected.or even paid for!! She never treated me as just a client. My divorce became complicated and her response to the other attorney was timely, knowledgable, and really amazing! Her fee was actually too low and she never pressed for payment. If you hire her, you will find exceptional support in the most difficult time.