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State of Florida vs. S.S.

Case Conclusion Date: 12.10.2008

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: DUI charge reduced to a Reckless Driving

Description: Our client, S.S., was on probation for DUI and was arrested for another DUI, and was therefore also was also charged with Violation of Probation. The police, while on probation, S.S. drove over a curb, had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot, watery eyes, admitted to drinking 6-8 beers and one Lemon Drop shot, was unsteady as he exited his car, refused to do the Field Sobriety Exercises and refused to blow into the Breathilizer. Our client was exposed to 15 months in jail. Through hard work, our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers were able to get the new DUI dropped to a Reckless Driving charge and S.S. was able to continue probation.

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