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Stephen Andrew Mosca

About Stephen Mosca

About me

I became an attorney after realizing that in order for the rights enumerated in the Constitution of the United States to be truly "guarenteed," those rights must be constantly defended against those seeking to avoid the protections they afford.  And while there are multiple well funded organizations with a wide array of technical resources devoted to enforcing the laws and bringing criminal cases against citizens, citizens have only defense lawyers to protect and defend their rights in the face of active prosecution.


One-sided contests occur in civil litigation as well.  They are created when powerful commercial institutions, like banks or insurance companies, have all the resources to bring wrongfully deficient, unjust, and sometimes even fraudulent lawsuits against citizens.  Only that citizen's defense attorney can ensure that the rights granted to him by law are enforced by defending against loss by default, which can occur when individuals are challenged by giants. 


To bring a case, the police departments have manpower, vehicles, weapons, laboratories, forensic capabilities, communications gear, helicopters, machinery, and money.  Banks have teams of attorneys over multiple firms to litigate against their customers in case of disagreement.  And while prosecutors are ethically assigned to seek justice, you better be ready for those who freely choose to simply, and sometimes blindly, prosecute.


I am a former aerospace engineer who, as a result, excels in any case where technical considerations or technical experts may become a factor.  This applies in product liability, wrongful death, accident reconstruction and DUI cases or anytime ballistics, DNA, or other forensic or scientific evidence is likely to be introduced.


I believe in an aggressive defense for anyone who has the awsome police powers of the government or the unfair actions of corporations leveled against them and am passionate about providing a zealous representation for anyone who has been wronged by negligence or the intentional wrongful acts of others.


When I was an engineer, I was working to create the weapons and systems that defended our Counstitution against enemies from without.  Now I work to enforce that document from the forces within our own system that work to tilt the playing field against the accused.  I truly feel that it is a privilege to be able to perform these important tasks.  It is what makes our Constitution worth having.


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