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Michael David Rudolph

About Michael Rudolph

About me

For over 20 years I have aggressively represented those injured on the job or who are too disabled to work.  I will only sign up a client if I feel I can help, and will not sign someone up if they do not need a lawyer or if doing so might hurt their case.  I will not sign someone up just to pad my own statistics or in hopes of an easy settlement down the road like some larger firms do.  I will pursue your case all the way through trial, again unlike many local big advertising firms.  I am Board Certified by the FL Bar in workers' compensation which means that I have tried the requisite number of cases and passed a statewide certification exam.  Only Board Certified lawyers can state that they are an expert in their designated field.  There is only one other Board Certified  Workers Comp attorney in N.E. Floriida.  Always ask about  a lawyer's quailifications, don't make a decision based on their firm's advertising budget!