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William John Scott

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  • Highest recommendation by a Jacksonville lawyer who was represented by Bill

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    I have practiced law in Jacksonville for over 20 years. Just recently I faced a legal issue outside my area of practice. Several colleagues suggested that I retain Bill and I am extremely glad that I did. For years I had known of his reputation as a forceful advocate and hard worker. However, it is one thing to hear of a person's reputation and another to see their work first hand. Quite simply, Bill is one of the best problem solvers I have ever met. He has a unique ability to see through ultra complex fact patterns and quickly identify the most critical issues. Underneath his "gentleman lawyer" demeanor is an attorney that all of his opponents know will flat out fight for his clients. More importantly, the judges respect Bill and know that if he is representing a client, the case has merit. He kept me well-informed of the status of my case, returned my calls promptly, and his fees and costs were very reasonable. In spite of the defendant's best efforts, my case never sat still - Bill was always pushing it forward. At every step of the litigation, Bill was better prepared than and one step ahead of my opponent's lawyer and, as a result, he produced an outstanding result in my case.

    If something bad were to happen to me and my family needed a lawyer, I would want them to hire Bill Scott.

  • Highly recommend William Scott for medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability and professional liability cases

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    William “Bill” Scott is a highly respected trial attorney in Jacksonville, Florida specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability and professional liability cases. As a sole practitioner, he provides the utmost personal attention to his clients that larger law firms simply cannot provide. He is extremely responsive to client phone calls and it is not unusual to receive an email from him about your case at 7:00 A.M. Mr. Scott has tried several hundred cases in his 27 years of practice. He is extremely knowledgeable with the law. We find it refreshing that Mr. Scott advises his clients the strengths and weaknesses with their case from the outset so the client has realistic expectations about the case. His exemplary and winning record is why he is the only attorney our law firm trusts in making case referrals.

  • William J. Scott - an excellent attorney with ethics who stands above the rest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keith

    Bill Scott is an amazing lawyer. Not only are his analytical skills beyond reproach, he is also a very caring and compassionate man. He has handled several legal matters for me over the years and has done so diligently with excellent results. He is one of the best litigators around. You can't go wrong with this man.

  • Poor time management. Extreme high billable hours. Not proactive. Whats in it for him?

    1.0 star

    Posted by Nancy

    7000 dollars for not even a month of minimal work! And a lien. I expected a bill, but felt forced to switch attorneys just to find other parties. I was in the hospital after an auto accident. i believe he is using his position to extort money with excessive billable hours. He was seldom in his office so when were these billable hours being accrued.

    My new attorney did in 4 days what he could not do in 3-4 weeks. I suspected in the beginning he was not a strong or organized attorney, but I went ahead. He met with me, made a few calls with insurance,, sent an insurance request letter, and probably a few calls with me - but not excessive. He sent way too many letters to repeat inadequate information. I did most of my own negotiating and negotiated my own letter of protection.

    He wanted to wait on finding other parties. . He cancelled the first appointment. It was 11 days for him to send insurance request letter. He did not want to tell me this. He was not at all proactive until I switched attorneys after less than a month. Then he got proactive with his bill and filed a lien. I do not think he knows his job to need this much time for such a minimal amount of work. I am willing to pay reasonable fee, but not to be billed unjustly.

    I hired this lawyer upon referral while I was in the hospital. He was Not proactive and contradicted himself. I did give it time to see if it would improve. By giving benefit of the doubt, he has more time to create billable hours. It was apparent he did not want to do too much work until he assessed his payday.

    I have worked with other attorneys so I do have a basis for this review. I had worked with another attorney on a family law case that did depositions, court date, negotiation, etc.. at 10k a year over 5 years. i made one last call to assess if I was mistaken, but he was not available for two days for brief call, so when was he accruing all these hours? I did not over call.

    He wanted to wait for 30 days for insurance letter. he was seldom available. I switched attorney and they accomplished more in one week. We know all parties and can move ahead.

    I am a single mom and he offered no guidance aside from my own research. I suspected he was working on his behalf and not my own. I was correct. 7000plus for 3 1/2 weeks of waiting and a lien. Now I have to deal with him on top of challenge of piecing life together.

    The new attorneys office has confirmed his lack with their competence, follow thru, availability, and forward motion.