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Matthew Howard Hinson

Matthew Hinson’s reviews

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  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Over the years I have known Matt I have engaged his services, for both family and business issues, on multiple occasions. I have always found him to be professional,personable and insightful on all matters. I know i can rely on Matt's advice and have always been pleased with the product he provides.Matt is top notch and I am proud to have him as a friend and counsel.

  • Too Busy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jeremy

    I called last Friday and spoke with Mr. Hinson about an issue with my mortgage company and was told that I would be getting a phone call back on Monday the 16th. I did not receive that phone call and called back on the 17th and left another message and still have not gotten a return phone call about my issue. I found another attorney on to help me with my issue.

  • Recommend Without Reservation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jill

    People looking for superior legal representation in Florida should contact Matt Hinson and the Britton Law, LLC law firm.
    I retained Matt Hinson and Britton Law to secure protection for my Mother who has Alzheimer’s and had been purposely isolated from our family for a protracted period of time. In under two weeks Matt Hinson and Richard Britton devised and executed on a legal strategy which resulted in an almost immediate and highly positive outcome in a recent Nassau County Guardianship matter.

    What is unique about Matt Hinson and Britton Law is that this pairing is a perfect combination of seasoned expertise, legal sophistication and dedication to professional comportment. This rare combination IS why they were able to achieve what others could not and deftly penetrated an existing pervasive obstruction that I personally know is a block to just outcomes for vulnerable seniors in Nassau County. I know now that there are very few, if any, attorneys who are even willing to take cases that involve this obstructionist legal pairing.

    Matt Hinson is an attorney of the highest caliber. Britton Law, LLC is a rare boutique firm gem that has the confidence to think outside the box, expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff and most importantly has the patience to help those who may be considered a legal underdog. I recommend Matt Hinson and Britton Law, LLC without reservation.

  • Professional and courteous.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brad

    I made a very expensive purchase that went horribly wrong thanks to an unscrupulous merchant. I live a great distance from where the transaction took place and without the professionalism that Mr. Hinson showed I would have been lost. He won my case for me and did so in a timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to use services again.

  • Tenant/Landlord-Mold Issue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    I had been renting a house for over a year and finally realized the house is mold infested. I had signed a new lease in November and at the end of December I withheld rent to the landlord trying to enforce them to have the house inspected. They suddenly decided that they were not renewing the lease after I had already paid them the new amount for 3 months. During the past year my daughter and I had been getting sick off and on which wasn't normal for either one of us. I did an in home mold test as well as having a contractor come inspect the duct work with an infared scope and a different air conditioning company inspect the main air handler in the house. Not only did my mold test have a significant amount of mold growing in it after 2 days, but both, the contractor and air quality person found mold present in the ducts. The air handler has about 1/2 inch thick of mold growing on the back of it and mold growing on the inside of it. Definitely, airborne. This is what my daughter and I had been breathing in for the last year. Not only have we been dizzy, sinus infections, bronchial infections, and skin rashes. The owner/property manager did nothing about it except to tell us to move. (At this point, all I wanted to do was move) I basically had 2 weeks to find a place for us to live. Due to my daughter's school zone, being a single mother, and working full time, I was not having any luck finding a place and no family close to stay with. The property manager filed an eviction for us to get out. I had a consultation with one attorney who was not very helpful. She told me to call or e-mail her with any questions. After a week I e-mailed her some questions as to which she never responded. I finally was referred to Matthew by the Florida Bar and he responded right away. He was very informative and professional in helping me understand my rights as well as explaining things pertaining to my case. He was extremely knowledgable in the area of expertise that I was dealing with. He answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me more information than I expected. After going to court this past Friday, the eviction was dropped. I would definitely refer anyone to him who needs legal advice in this type of situation as well as any other legal needs that he specializes in. I will also use him in the future for other legal needs.

  • Landlord Legal Assist

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Clint

    The tenants in my Jacksonville rental home were getting more difficult to work with. I had a verbal agreement concerning a move out date and even provided a financial incentive of free rent from the date of our verbal agreement until the move-out date. They accepted the financial incentive (stopped paying rent) but never moved out. Finally, after 3 months free rent, I insisted they move out immediately only to be advised I was violating their tenant’s rights under Florida Law.
    My Real Estate agent referred me to Mr. Hinson. After consulting with Mr. Hinson and providing necessary documents he formulated several action plans we could pursue and explained the pros and cons of each. To my great satisfaction, Mr. Hinson handled everything and had them out of my house without incident in 30 calendar days – no court appearances required by me. Case Closed!
    Mr. Hinson is very professional yet easy to work with. He always conducted himself in a manner which conveyed he worked for me – unlike other attorneys I have dealt with who treated me like an ‘interruption’ of their busy schedule. I would challenge anyone to find an attorney with more knowledge of Florida Real Estate, Lease or Property laws.