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Ann Elizabeth Finnell

About Ann Finnell

About me

   I have handled all types of criminal cases for over 30 years, including very high-profile cases.  I am certified death qualified to handle cases punishable by the death penalty in Florida.  In addition two other lawyers in the firm, Patrick McGuinness and Gonzalo Andux are death qualified.

   Our firm has successfully defended several homicide cases on the stand-your-ground statute.  We also handle all types of cases where sexual abuse is alleged including capital sexual abuse. 

   Our firm prides itself on having over 100 years of combined experience handling criminal cases.  In addition to very serious cases, we handle DUI cases, domestic violence cases, and all types of drug offenses. 

   Hiring a lawyer is a very important decision and we invite you to come talk with us about any criminal difficulty you or your family faces.