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Catherine Ann Drees

About Catherine Drees

About me

I have been practicing for 30 years and I know and work well with everyone in the court system here in Volusia county.  I was an Assistant State Attorney for ten years and have been in private practice for 20 years.  I do not handle death penalty or serious cases because most of those are handled by the Office of the Public Defender.  Those types of cases take up a great deal of time and leave less time to aggressively work upon a case you would more than likely need  me for. I am most qualified in negotiations which are tailor made for the individual client.  I work with the client's family to help defray costs and allow the client to have a highly qualified  private attorney without breaking the bank.

Many clients are unaware of the consequences of criminal charges and are extremely nervous about going back to jail.  I alleviate these fears and help the client work within the court system.  I also help them put their lives back in order.  This is the extra step I take and it helps people return to the family they love.

Often times a client is here temporarily,  and I take care of them on behalf of their families.  This leaves everyone feeling more secure.  No one wants to be set adrift in a foreign jurisdiction without someone local to call for advice..even if it is not a legal question, I have been someone to turn to for information regarding this area.  Once you are a client you may call me anytime, even ten years from now to help you remenber what happened and what to put on a job application, for example.  Not many lawyers provide that level of service.