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Steven Leslie Sands

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  • Am I liable for my late husband's medical bills?

    He died Aug 4 after being in the hospital and nursing home since May 25, 2012. He went into the hospital for weakness, was diagnosed with AML , caught pneumonia in the hospital and only got worse. I feel that they contributed to his death.

    Steven’s Answer

    Jeff is correct as to the medical bills. You would only be responsible if you signed as "guarantor" of the bills on your husband's admission to the hospital or nursing home.. As to whether you have a potential medical negligence or nursing home claim, I would need to know more about your husband's medical condtion that caused him to be placed in a nursing home and the medical and nursing care that he received prior to his death. If you would like to call my office at 258-1622, you can speak to one of my legal assistants who can obtain the necessary information.

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