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Thomas V. Duck III

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  • Can a felony theft charge keep me from becoming a Registered Nurse even if it was expunged?

    I was convicted of felony theft by taking in October of 2010. My public defender said I could use the Georgia 1st Offender Act. I am now finished paying my restitution. I have done all rehabilitative counseling and I have completed all communit...

    Thomas’s Answer

    If what you say is true, you should apply to take the exams. You should answer all questions truthfully on the application. You should also be very candid regarding your probation case, if it is still pending. The only way that this matter could prevent you from taking the exams is if you do not disclose it or you violate your first offender probation and receive a felony conviction. Your exam date may be delayed, however, because of this issue.

    Before you fill out the application, you should speak with an attorney to see if you can terminate your First Offender Probation early. Based upon what you have said you seem to be an ideal candidate.

    I have succesfully handled similar cases in the past. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your situation and offer you some advice. Please call my office if you are interested and set up a consultation.

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  • Do i need a lawyer to get back in court for my son to chose where he want to live

    the judge order 6months temporary custody till my son is old enough to chose where he wants to live but his father want ask his lawyer to get us back in court being that i dont have a lawyer no one will talk to me and i was told if he will not get...

    Thomas’s Answer

    You should be able to represent yourself and appear "pro se" in this matter, despite what you have been told. That, however, may not be your best choice. If your husband is represented it is probably in your best interest to hire an attorney. An attorney can meet with you, review the facts, pleadings, etc..., and explain what options might be available to you. I would be willing to meet with you to discuss the matter further if you'd like. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.

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  • Do i need an attorney to turn myself in for a probation violation

    my sister plead guilty under the first offenders act in georgia for possesion WID and has violated her probation for the last 3 years......

    Thomas’s Answer

    No you do not need an attorney to turn yourself in for a probation violation. However, you should speak to an attorney before doing so. Depending on the alleged violation, an attorney may be able to negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor and the probation officer that does not involve any jail time. If you choose to turn yourself in you may spend significant time in jail before your case is even scheduled for a hearing. Also, depending on the alleged violation, you may not qualify for an appointed attorney and will be left at the mercy of the prosecutor and the probation officer for a fair resolution of your case. I recommend that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. I have handled several similar matters in the past and am willing to discuss the matter further if you wish. You can contact my office at (229)432-6500 to schedule a consultation.

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