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Massachusetts Man dodges two DUI's in Savannah, Georgia

Case Conclusion Date: 11.17.2011

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: DUI alcohol dismissed; Endangering a child while DUI dismissed; He plead guilty to Speeding and Failure to use due care

Description: I get a call from a lawyer in Massachusetts. He scopes me out for his client who lives up there, and got popped in Savannah, Georgia. The man, Thomas is a commercial truck driver. He was charged with DUI alcohol, DUI less safe, Endangering a child while DUI, and Speeding. A phone conference was arranged and Thomas hires me to fight his DUI charges to the death. I request police reports, videos, and the whole nine yards. But, of course I got very little from the government. The day before court I get the video after driving out to the police station, and meeting with the officers for a couple of hours. The police officer agreed to drop the DUI's and the charge of Endangering a child while DUI. Thomas plead down to Failure to use due care and Speeding.

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