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Golf Pro Wins DUI Jury Trial in Savannah

Case Conclusion Date: 08.31.2011

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Hung Jury on DUI, plead down to Reckless driving

Description: We began at 9:00 am. We finished at 9:30 p.m. They had a prior DUI which they illegally got into evidence. My personal opinion, of course. But, in the end it was checked, and my client didn't go to jail. I had the officer come down off the stand and perform the HGN test on my co-counsel. Our field sobriety expert witness watched him like a hawk. The officer did it right. So, our field sobriety expert witness testified that HGN didn't prove that a person is an impaired driver under Georgia's DUI less safe statute. What a fight. They came hard. And in the end, the judge dismissed reckless driving, impeding traffic, and failure to signal. The jury first couldn't decide. Then, told to go back and try harder, but that they would be able to go home real soon. So, they decided my client was guilty of Improper stopping. On the DUI, they hung. So the D.A. eventually offered my client Reckless driving, and he took it.

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