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State of Georgia vs. James D. Mote

Case Conclusion Date: 01.15.2010

Practice Area: Speeding and traffic ticket

Outcome: Dismissal of Aggresive Driving & Speeding 100+

Description: I represented James D. Mote before the State Court of Cobb County in January 2010. Mr. Mote was arrested and charged with Speeding 100+/65 mph zone, Aggressive Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane, Improper Lane Change and a second count of Failure to Maintain Lane. The allegations were that Mr. Mote was driving a 2009 Mustang GT along Interstate 20 westbound at speeds in excess of 100 mph while weaving in and out of traffic and riding the bumper of vehicles in front of him. I successfully negotiated a resolution to this case where Mr. Mote pled guilty to one count of Reckless Driving ( a 4 point violation) and the remaining charges were dismissed. This plea saved Mr. Mote's driving privileges from being suspended for a conviction to the Aggressive Driving and Speeding charges as he would have accumulated enough points to suspend his driving privileges immediately.

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