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Elmer H. Young III

About Elmer Young

About me

      It's easy to tell my age and experience from the resume below, so I won't waste time going over that part. I'll say something about my attitudes and policies. That might actually help you know more about me.

       1. I am not known as a "pleading lawyer". I do not think highly of lawyers who accept large sums of money suggesting they can"talk to someone and implying they will get this case reduced"... then don't. I see that as a technique to get a client to part with their money because they said what the client" wanted to hear". They waste valuable investigation time and then plead most client guilty when they likely had a case that could have been successfuly defended.  You can find my Artilcle on this site containg 10 Questions to ask a prospective DUI Lawyer.


     2. I don't like to make snap buying decisions and I don't think other people do either.  I like to explain the good and bad things about the case, allow all the questions a client can develop to be answered in an unhurried fashion. Qoute my range of fees for specific services to be requested and always using a written fee agreement, specifying what service I am going to perform at what costs. AFTER that, I suggest my client go home and pray about the matter, talk to family and freinds and other lawyers and then my office calls them back in a couple of days to find out where the client stands at that time.

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