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Gastroenterology Assoc. of Gainesville, PC, et al. v. Ray

Practice Area: Litigation

Outcome: Verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $512,741

Description: This case involved an allegation that one defendant had conspired with his wife to embezzle and convert over $500,000 from the plaintiff medical practices over a 10 year period. There was an additional allegation that one defendant had fraudulently transferred property to his son to avoid the plaintiffs' claims. Orr Brown Johnson LLP obtained a full victory for the plaintiffs, including a verdict in the full amount that the jury was asked to return ($512,741) and a set aside of the alleged fraudulent transfers. Among the evidence presented at trial was expert statistical evidence pertaining to the defendants' lottery winnings and probable amounts spent to obtain those winnings. A news story on this verdict can be viewed at:

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