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State of Georgia v. J. C. (Jury Trial)

Case Conclusion Date: 08.28.2012

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Not Guilty Verdict

Description: Mo Wiltshire is happy to report yet another DUI Jury Trial win for our clients. Our client was charged with DUI here in Athens after being stopped while driving on College Station Road near Research Drive. He was stopped, removed from his car and put through a battery of Field Sobriety Tests. The ACCPD officer conducting the stop formed the opinion that the driver was “DUI less safe” and arrested him for DUI. A jury trial became necessary when local prosecutors refused to dismiss the charges despite several problems with the case. During the jury trial we were able to establish that the officer’s opinion about DUI was indeed flawed. The jury deliberated for just over 30 mintues before returning the verdict of Not Guilty. PDW appreciates the citizens of Athens willingness to serve as jurors. Without that service just and deserved outcomes such as this one would not be possible.

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