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Jeffery Alan Rothman

Jeffery Rothman’s Answers

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  • If I am under 21 and got a DUI, what should I do?

    I am 19 and got my first DUI. What should I do and what will happen to me?

    Jeffery’s Answer

    It is difficult to answer the "what will happen to me" portion of your question, as there needs to be an undertaking of the facts of your case in detail. The first thing you should do is immediately seek a qualified opinion from an attorney. This should occur within 10 days of your arrest, as there could be license implications should you not act within that time period. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your options with you.

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  • I pleaded guilty at my dui hearing, do i still have to go to my als hearing even though the officer was not gonna show up?

    I already got my paper to go to the dmv for my work permit and assigned a probabtion officer, the court sent me a paper saying the arresting officer will not be at my hearing due to a prior court date he will be attending.

    Jeffery’s Answer

    It may be more complicated than that. If the officer alleged that you refused to take a test, what is riding on that hearing is potentially a 12 month suspension without even limited driving abilities.

    You should attend the hearing in either event, and if the officer doesn't show, ask the suspension be rescinded.

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