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State vs. Davila

Case Conclusion Date: 05.19.2006

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: DA Dismissed Charges Mid Trial

Description: Defendant was charged with two separate offenses of possession of illegal drugs. During the trial, the defense attorney proved that the Defendant's girlfriend's biological mother and adoptive mother conspired to plant drugs in the Defendant's house three different times. Each time they called the police with an annonymous tip. The police didn't know they were being tricked. The biological and adoptive mothers conspired to ruin the Defendant's life and get him incarcerated in an effort to destroy his relationship with their daughter because they disapproved of the relationship. During the defense attorneys presentation of evidence, he completely deconstructed the State's theory of guilt. Near the end of the trial, the DA -- to her credit -- stood up in front of the jury and told the judge, "We'd like to dismiss all charges."

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