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Bruce Robert Millar

Bruce Millar’s Legal Guides

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  • Georgia Landlord liability for dog bites, some common questions

    In Georgia, when can a landlord be held responsible when a tenant's dog bites someone? While it can be difficult to hold a landlord responsible, there are circumstances under which a landlord may owe

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  • I have a civil injury case against a drunk driver. Are my own past DUI's admissible?

    What if you have been hurt by a drunk driver- but you yourself had a DUI at some time in your past? Can the at-fault DUI driver use that against you in the trial of your case? There is not an easy a

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  • Do you have a Georgia Construction Negligence Case?


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  • How Georgia's law of "sudden emergency" can apply to motor vehicle accidents:

    When it comes to considering who may be at fault in a car, truck or motorcycle accident (or other motor vehicle crash or collision) Georgia law allows the application of something known as the "sudden emergency doctrine." Under the Georgia laws regarding negligence, an emergency ...

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  • Georgia's "Dram Shop" law allows innocent victims to sue sellers of alcoholic beverages in DUI crash

    Georgia's dram shop act, O.C.G.A. 51-1-40, allows innocent victims to bring a legal claim against the seller of alcoholic beverages, such as a restaurant, bar, or tavern, if two conditions are met: first, the victim must prove that the seller knowingly sold, furnished, or served ...

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  • In Georgia If I am injured by a builder or contractor's negligence, who is my claim against?

    The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. For example, if a case involves a specific situation such as a concrete wall falling on a salesperson on a construction site, a painter falling through an unguarded skylight, a collapsing stairway, or part of a...

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  • How to Share the Road with Tractor Trailer Trucks

    Stay out of a trucker’s blind spot. Try not to drive alongside a truck. This may mean that you are in a truck driver’s blind spot. If you must drive alongside a truck, avoid driving along the front

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  • Gwinnett County Georgia Vehicle Accident Reports Now Available Online

    The future is now for people involved in a vehicle accident in Gwinnett County, Georgia. That's because, from now on, responding officers will fill-out special cards with relevant information; hand those cards to the drivers involved; and suggest that they visit,...

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