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Shashank Anand

Shashank Anand’s Answers

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  • Is there an option for keeping my license after missing my court date (no insurance/registration; not my car)?

    The car was a family member's (and they do not have it any longer). Will I absolutely need a lawyer, or is this something I can take care of on my own?

    Shashank’s Answer

    There definitely is. Your license was suspended due to a failure to appear in court. You can go to court, pay a contempt fee (a fee for missing court) and then get a new hearing date. Once you have a new court date, you'll need to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to reduce the charge from no insurance to a lesser violation. Pleading guilty to no insurance will suspend your license for 6 months with no early reinstatement. This is where an experienced lawyer on your side will be extremely useful.

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