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R. Keegan Federal Jr.

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  • Libel or slander?

    IL - There was a horrible murder in my city in 2/08. So far, no one has been charged with the murder. However, right off the bat, the police assumed they knew who did it. They revoked his bond and sentenced him on another case to max extended term...

    R.’s Answer

    Yes, you can sue. Can you win? That depends. The first question I would have is whether the newpaper is reporting only facts which appear in the official police reports.
    In any event, regarding the statute of limitations: many jurisdictions have a REDUCED period of time for defamation cases to be sued; in Georgia, for example, the statute of limitations is ONE YEAR from the date of the publication.
    If you are located in Georgia, where we are, please feel free to call to discuss this matter further.

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  • Brain damage for a child during labor

    My wife was over due for two day. She was scheduled to induce proceduce. She was admit at 10am. the doctor broke her water at 3pm and left out the room. During the time the baby heart beat was in and out the nurse call the doctor at 7:05 pm when ...

    R.’s Answer

    You definitely should consult with an attorney in the Dallas area, as soon as possible. Look up "Medical Malpractice" lawyers in Dallas on AVVO and there are several highly-qualified ones listed there.

    We handle cases like this in Georgia, but you will be better served by contacting a lawyer in the city where this event occurred.''

    I have a daughter myself who suffered severe brain damage 18 years ago. I wish you and yours the very best.

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