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Sharon C. Poorak

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  • What options are there for an immigrant with domestic violence in the marriage?

    She got married in 2005 in Texas. Her husband says that she will be deported if she divorces him. I am not familiar with the naturalization process and do not know exactly where she is in it. If possible, please explain the steps of becoming ...

    Sharon’s Answer

    The first step is to obtain permanent resident status, or what is referred to as the "green card". If they are married less than 2 years at that time, USCIS will grant her conditional status for 2 years, and then she must file another form to show the couple is still together or they have divorced but the marriage is real. Once she has been a permanent resident for 3 years (if still together) or five years (if no longer together), she can apply for US Citizenship if she otherwise qualifies. There are provisions in the law for her to sponsor herself for her "green card" if there is domestic abuse and he is not willing to sponsor her. Many agencies assist women in these situations that may have limited means and cannot hire a private attorney. In Atlanta, Catholic Social Services is one such agency. They likely have a counterpart in Texas. If she would like to have a free consultation with our firm, I would be happy to speak to her.

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  • So its not nessary to prive income if youre trying to get legal if you have a petitioner

    Im trying to get my husbands papers but he has no proof of income but I do have my income

    Sharon’s Answer

    Are you seeking to sponsor your husband for permanent resident status and you are a US citizen with income and he has no income? If that is the case, then yes you can sponsor him and you will be completing the I864 application of support using your own income. If it is not sufficient to meet the I864 requirements, you would need a co sponsor as well (could not be your husband if he did not earn his income legally in the US). If he qualifies for adjustment of status the I864 is attached; if not, he would be consular processing and the I864 is provided at that stage (be aware of any potential bars that could apply to him if consular processing). Our firm offers a free consultation and I am happy to speak to you further to ascertain the exact facts of your case so I can accurately respond to your inquiry. There are many issues involved with sponsoring someone for permanent residency-the income issue is only one part.

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