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Jill Greenstein Polster

About Jill Polster

About me

Known as a fierce advocate, what distinguishes Jill G. Polster from other criminal defense attorneys is her passion for fighting for the underdog along with her extensive experience handling criminal cases.

  • Polster has experience on both sides of the courtroom as a prosecutor and a defense attorney giving her a 360-degree view of your case. 
  • Polster has handled literally thousands of criminal cases from misdemeanors to murders. 
  • She has Extensive jury trial experience with a proven track record of success both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.
  • Polster thinks outside-the-box when it comes to crafting the most favorable resolution possible on even the most serious of criminal cases. 
  • She is Well-versed in the ever-changing Georgia Criminal Code and Georgia caselaw. 
  • Throughout her career, Polster has sharpened her skills through her commitment to recruiting, teaching and training young lawyers. 
  • Polster strives to nurture her relationships with her clients. She feels she can best advocate for her clients through getting to know them as a person rather than just a name on a file. 
  • Polster's credential are impeccable. She brings a wide array of experience to every criminal case she handles. 
  • Polster is well-known and respected by Judges, Prosecutors, Clerks, Court Personnel, Law Enforcement and her colleagues.

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