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  • Beware if custody of your child is at stake!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    May be licensed to practice for 18 years but she is not a good attorney. Took money for her services but did not do what she was supposed to do for it. It was God who was my lawyer in the courtroom. Obtained discovery information from me for opposing counsel but failed to get discovery from defendant in divorce/custody battle. I basically spoon fed her this case. I had pictures, documents to prove my ex was a liar and cheater, video and audio evidence, none of it was used. She waited 6 whole months to get discovery from the opposing side and upon asking the judge for more time to get discovery when we appeared in court for our first hearing, it was denied, so my ex and his lawyer did not have to provide any documents at all. I basically had to be my own attorney/private investigator. She filed a motion with the court but included no date as to when she wanted to appear so the court assigned a date at their discretion. When they did, she failed to appear and did not inform me about it., which made she and I look incompetent to the judge when we finally did get to court a couple weeks later. She was supposed to bring a doctor's excuse for the failed court appearance which she did but when handed it to the judge, it said she was to be out but return to work on the same day as the failed court appearance. I got my desired outcome thru prayer and my own investigative work, but this attorney is very slack and not up to her job. Giving her useful information pertinent to your case is useless because she doesn't use it and doesn't do what she's supposed to when she is supposed to. I'm still waiting on my child support and final decree documents to be filed with the judge and it's been almost 30 days since our final court appearance and nothing done yet. Whenever she made a negligent mistake or just didn't do something for being slack, she wanted to blame it on the judge because he was a real stickler for the rules and wanted everything concise, which I understood. If you get recommended to her like I was find someone else who will listen and do what you ask especially if you have years and years worth of pertinent evidence that would totally discredit the opposing side like I did. This attorney does not keep you informed on what's going on, does not do what she needs to do in a timely manner, and is not effective nor efficient under pressure. Now I see why some people prefer not to deal with Black attorneys. Sad but in this case, I wish I hadn't.